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    Our team at Overland IOP in Los Angeles, California is dedicated to deliver a treatment experience beyond expectations. We pride ourselves on being highly-skilled professionals, dedicated to providing personal and exceptional care. Get to know a little more about our team members below.

    • Dr. Megan Kain, PsyD Clinical Director

      Don't let your struggle become your identity!

      Dr. Kain’s current role as a licensed clinical psychologist is a function of her cumulative life experiences. Her professional passion resides in working with various manifestations of systemic trauma; high-need, clinically complex populations that exist at the intersection of legal and mental health issues. Dr. Kain attended the University of Michigan for her undergraduate degree in Psychology, and she received her Masters and PsyD in Clinical Psychology through Antioch University Santa Barbara. Drawing upon her education and training in these arenas, Dr. Kain has had a wide spectrum of stimulating clinical experiences: outpatient level of care, in-patient psychiatric hospitalization, in-home therapy with victims of crime, consulting work to develop and enhance clinical programming at in-patient level of care, working with the Department of Child and Family Services conducting psychological assessments of child survivors of abuse as well as infants exposed in utero to illicit substances. Dr. Kain has had the distinct honor of working with nonprofits such as the Center for Health Justice to increase equal access of inmates in the Los Angeles County Jail system to quality mental health services as well as medical services. Most recently, she served as staff psychologist with the California Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections where she conducted crisis evaluation, mental health assessments, and individual therapy with men at the reception phase of incarceration. Currently, Dr. Kain serves as Clinical Director at Trauma and Wellness Center, an outpatient mental health clinic in Los Angeles. Before her career as a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kain worked as a contemporary dancer; expression through arts is vital to her. She blends her life experience with the knowledge from her training to help others experience the power of the mind and body connection. She is a lifelong advocate for progressive causes and is passionate about LGBTQ rights. Dr. Kain considers her role as Clinical Director with Overland an exciting platform to apply the experiential wisdom and tools accrued and to be able to contribute to a treatment team approach that fully meets the unique needs of our population, and to—overall—stoke hope.

    • Dr. Rashin D’Angelo, PhD Clinical Consultant

      The strongest people are those who win battles we know nothing about

      As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY27365), Rashin D’Angelo, PhD, specializes in addiction, trauma, mood disorders (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder), and co-occurring disorders. Although her theoretical orientation is largely psychodynamic, emphasizing emotional experience as key to personality functioning, she uses an integrative approach with clients, incorporating Jungian and analytical psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, trauma-informed practices, and mind-body techniques to address the individual needs of each client. Dr. D’Angelo earned her MA in Spiritual Psychology at University of Santa Monica (2009) and completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute (2013). Her area of research includes using mind-body approaches in treatment of all addictive disorders. The focus of her clinical experience has been in private practice, community mental health, dual diagnosis treatment centers, in-patient psychiatric hospitals, and forensic settings. In her work with clients and families, she uses a strengths-based approach, empowering individuals to focus on their strengths, in order to discover new and more useful patterns of behavior. Dr. D’Angelo is the Executive Director of Trauma and Wellness Center, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles dedicated to treatment of psychiatric and addictive disorders for underserved communities. She has extensive experience with managing and structuring clinical programs that best meet the needs of clients. Her private practice includes multiple offices throughout the LA region focused on mental health treatment of adults, adolescents, and children. Her work includes clinical supervision of master’s level therapists and psychological assistants at the post-doctoral level with various specializations. She serves as adjunct faculty in the forensic psychology program at The Chicago School for Professional Psychology (TCSPP) and in the Clinical Psychology program at National University.

    • Andrew Broz Partner/Director of Admissions

      Life will always get messy…Suffering is optional

      Andrew started his career in acting and modeling at a very young age in a small town in Pennsylvania. To further pursue his career, he moved to NYC at the age of 16 and was immediately working as an agent at Ford Model Agency. By age 25, Andrew relocated to Los Angeles to fulfill his role as the COO of Elite Model Management and went on to later fulfill roles such as casting director and consultant to clients such as Playboy, Vogue, Verizon, Target, Christian Dior, Lancôme, and dozens of others. He was living the "dream life” filled with money, travel, and glamour—yet, he was inexplicably unhappy. There were a few major earthquakes in Andrew’s life: losing a home and assets, experiencing a traumatic divorce, and, finally, experiencing a complete loss of identity. Andrew was spiritually starved, emotionally imbalanced, and was experiencing true dis-ease; he simply could not live like that anymore. Andrew finally took charge of his life by deciding to take on a specific course of study: the study of himself. To look inside and out and to understand his own emotions and psyche. Through the difficult yet treasured process, Andrew learned how to practice many skills that have helped him up until today. Andrew believes in taking a balanced and holistic approach to recovery, including physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

    • Tara Micich Operations Manager

      Willingness is the key to success!

      Tara has worked in the behavioral healthcare field since 2016. She has been dedicated to helping others ever since she was able to overcome her own struggles with addiction. She is currently studying at Santa Monica College to become a registered nurse. With her understanding of what our clients are going through, Tara brings deep passion and empathy to the team.

    • Dr. Samuel Root, Ph.D Primary Therapist

      There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.

      Associate psychotherapist Dr. Samuel Root studied at the University of Minnesota, Adler Graduate School, and Sofia University in Palo Alto. He draws inspiration from art, science, and nature. With experience counseling kids, teens, and adults since 2006, using a holistic psychodynamic and transpersonal approach Dr. Root (Ph.D. AMFT 108869) shows empathy and skill in addressing grief and loss, culture shock, addictions, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, psychosomatic complaints, Exceptional Human Experiences, spiritual confusion, and balanced development toward authentic expression. Doctor Root’s treatment philosophy is founded on the premise that practicing honesty and taking responsibility open the door to true transformation, and that resilience improves with practice.

    • Gary Millus, AMFT - Primary Therapist/Group Facilitator

      Gary Millus, AMFT Primary Therapist/Group Facilitator

      Tough times never last, but tough people do!

      Gary strives to provide clients with a safe, supportive space for an exploration of inner distress using an empathic, asset-based approach. Through an eclectic mix of theories, he guides individuals to shift from depression, anxiety, addiction and other difficult patterns, toward a newfound sense of peace and harmony. This doesn’t come without its own brand of sacrifice, it takes a lot of self-honesty, self-acceptance and courage. His education, with an emphasis on depth psychology and neuroscience creates a dynamic, evidence-based foundation– moving you from isolation to wholeness. He specializes in working with all forms of addiction, and more specifically, working with those who seek support in their recovery process, including ACA/ACOA. Gary strongly believes that you can only be led as far as your therapist has gone. As a result of the demands of his complete life experience, you are given the best of two worlds- sincere empathy and earned perspective. The self-examined path makes Gary highly qualified to join you where you presently are and to steward you toward a new sense of well-being.

    • Greysi Vizcardo, MA Therapist

      Recovery is a process ... not a destination!

      Greysi received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from CSU Long Beach and her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University. She is currently pursuing—and near to completing—a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Greysi has had the opportunity to train and offer therapeutic services at the Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, a leading provider of mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention. She works in both English and Spanish, and has worked with diverse individuals, couples, and families including veterans, LGBTQA+, geriatrics, and people with disabilities. Her experience includes treating Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, BPD, Substance Use/Comorbidity, Grief and Loss, Couples Issues, and Parenting Support. Additionally, she facilitates therapy groups where the goal is to provide psychoeducation, skill development, and processing. Greysi’s theoretical approach is a combination of Family Systems, which helps us understand our past, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps us work on our present and future. She also implements skills from ACT, Mindfulness, Gestalt, Humanistic, and Positive Psychology.

    • Arielle Greenwald (she/her) Certified Yoga Instructor and Healing Arts Practitioner| Photo by Samir Janjua

      Arielle Greenwald Certified Yoga Instructor and Healing Arts Practitioner

      Coming soon

      Arielle is a trauma- and justice-informed spiritual guide, yoga and breathwork teacher, bodyworker, birth doula, and ceremonialist. She weaves her training and personal experiences as a longtime student of Earth-based spirituality, bodywork, breathwork, Bhakti yoga, holistic food systems, birth, death, marriage, divorce, and motherhood into her offerings. Arielle has been focusing her offerings in addiction recovery since 2019. She believes that our pain is our portal for healing and evolution, that the only way out of our pain is directly through it, and that we are all our own greatest healers and experts of our unique journeys. She envisions a world where people live in deep connection and harmony with their whole selves, their communities, and a regenerated Earth where all life is honored. Her training and certifications come through UC Santa Cruz’s Holistic Health Program, Bhakti Yoga Shala, The Breath Center, Esalen, Bini Birth, Energetic Justice, and Trauma Response and Crisis Care (TRACC). Arielle is currently pursuing her Master's degree in LGBTQ+ Psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles to work toward becoming an LMFT.

    • Tom Szabadi, MFT Therapist/Group Facilitator

      Change is a process, not an event

      Tom is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and has worked with chemically dependent individuals since 2016. Tom is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) which can assist with resolving lingering effects of past traumatic memories and lessen the hold of negativity and limiting beliefs , moving you to a much healthier self-concept and higher self-esteem. Tom enjoys street photography, long distance running, and tennis. He lives in Santa Monica with his wife, two dogs, and a cat.

    • Coleman (CJ) McClellan Case Manager/Group Facilitator

      Nothing changes if nothing changes

      CJ has worked in the field of substance use and mental health treatment since 2016. With over 8 years of personal experience in recovery, he brings compassion and empathy when helping clients achieve their goals. CJ studied Alcohol and Drug Counseling at Intercoast College and is currently an applicant for certification through the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals. As a counselor and group facilitator, CJ believes in a collaborative approach to addressing maladaptive behavior patterns and developing effective coping strategies for the future, empowering clients to succeed in all areas of life.

    • Eden Rambod, MS Case Manager/Group Facilitator

      One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and you didn’t fall apart!

      Eden Rambod is a Case Manager and Group Facilitator at Overland IOP. With a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, and previous experience in treatment and behavioral interventions, she aims to foster personal and spiritual growth through guidance and acceptance. Her energy promotes self-awareness and inspires change.

    • Glynis Hodgkinson Outreach Coordinator

      What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversations

      Glynis Hodgkinson vividly recalls the pain and struggle of navigating the waters of her own early sobriety and is passionate about inspiring and motivating others who struggle with substance abuse. Glynis grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and has worked in sobriety treatment since 2019. As Overland IOP’s Outreach Coordinator, she approaches her clients with love and compassion to help them discover their own calling and lead them to achieving true happiness. It has been such a rewarding journey for Glynis, that she describes it as “having lit a spark in her soul!”

    • Andrew Franz Executive Assistant

      Help is only a phone call away

      A seasoned Executive Assistant, Andy brings 15 years of experience in office administration and project management to the team from the legal, technology, and music fields. He has a B.A. in political science from Cal State University Long Beach and is currently studying to become a registered nurse. Andy is passionate about recovery and is active both in the A.A. community and a non-profit sober living community for men located in the South Bay that has helped transform his life. In his spare time, Andy enjoys all things nature, yoga, meditation, snowboarding, cooking, playing guitar, and hosting friends.

    • Zachary Bonanno Lead Technician

      Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step

      The lead recovery technician at Overland IOP, Zachary has been working in recovery for a year and a half and, personally, has three years of continuous sobriety as part of the recovery community. Zachary finds that being able to be there for someone else as they embark on a journey of self-reform is one of the most fulfilling things he has experienced. Zachary is pursuing a bachelor's degree at Santa Monica College, and plans to transfer to the University of Southern California. His goal is to continue to be there to help others, and he knows that to do so he needs to continue to grow and learn as much as possible to become the best version of himself.

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